January 05, 2005

Knitting Year in Review

Time to update the sidebar and remove all of the projects listed from 2004. To date (that I can remember):

1 Knit Wit hat for Erin - and she actually wears it!
7 Christmas Mufflers for the Woolbright & Freeman men and 1 other
5 Christmas Scarves for the Woolbright women and 1 other
6 prs Felted slippers for the Freeman women & girls
2 Retro Ponchos for Mom & Kim
Sherbert Cardis for Samantha's 6th Birthday - one for her and a matching one for her doll.
2 5-hr Baby Sweater & Booties for Tammy T and for Mom's boss' daughter
Mexicali Baby Ole for Pam's baby boy
Kimono Baby Cardi/Hat - the hat went to Rowan and the sweater is waiting for baby Kruz to make his appearance
Girl's Cotton Classic Cardi for Katherine's 3rd birthday
KPS Socks - that ultimately went to Erin.

Sure doesn't seem like much, but we'll see what happens this year as I get better at documenting and blogging.

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