July 27, 2004

3rd time's the charm, right?

Well, I have settled on the final name for this blog.  Certainly took me long enough.  Started with "Just One More," changed to "Yarn and Books = Happiness" and then while looking at stitch markers on Ebay and reading the blogs today, it hit me.

Yarn Pig.

My yarn stash is on the smallish side IMHO, but constantly threatens to rage out of control.  Books, the other yarns in my home, are everywhere since Rob & I are excellent customers of our local bookstores.  We have six 5-shelf cases and two 3-shelf cases.  Filled.  And that's after we culled our collection and donated 3 boxes to Goodwill.  And I need still more shelves!

As for the pig reference, the accumulation of the yarn and books definitely points to piggy tendencies, but so does the pig-shaped piggy bank collection I endeavor to enlarge each year.

So, Yarn Pig it is.  Long may it live.

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